Inside Look | Grenson Shoe Factory

Inside Look | Grenson Shoe Factory

Christabel Jay is in his final year at the University of Lincoln studying Contremporary Lens Media. I came across his Flickr page a short while back and really think she did a phenomenal job capturing the Grenson Shoe Factory in the UK. The shots cover the some of the skilled workers behind those handmade beauties and give us a visual of the atmosphere in which they perform.

Inside Look | Grenson Shoe Factory

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  • sally

    you know Christabel is a girl’s name, right?

  • Jamie Reid

    Hey there. Great article, just a quick FYI: Christabel Jay is a very attractive female. Some might even call her a sex goddess, but I digress, ‘she’ is not a ‘he’.


  • Graham

    Nice photos. Curious to know why an Alfred Sargent last 7WK (Pic2) is at Grensons though?