I Put Brooklinen’s ‘Softest Sheets Ever’ to the Test

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In my early 20s, I made a lot of rookie mistakes. Like the time I thought trying to turn a 2-bedroom into a 3-bedroom would be a fun, “New York” experience. Now, I’ve learned to do better research before making big purchases. I recently got a new job, so when my lease was up, I moved into a real apartment—one that would actually fit the queen-sized bed I’ve always wanted. But the ratty, embarrassing sheets I had since college were not going to cut it anymore. At the same time, I wasn’t too thrilled to have to shop for new bedding.


My quick-and-dirty process was to Google “high quality sheets fair price” and see my options. I scrolled through a couple of hits until I saw something from Business Insider about a direct-to-consumer bedding company called Brooklinen. Sounds like an Aziz Ansari joke waiting to happen but this guy was raving about how soft and affordable his sheets were compared to what we’re forced to pay at department stores for sheets of similar quality.


I checked out Brooklinen’s website and went straight to the 11,000+ reviews. Just reading a few convinced me that my search was over. The reason Brooklinen’s sheets are different comes down to the process. They’re made with long staple cotton and single-ply yarn and are then put through two different weaving techniques to cater to people who like both crisp and heavier sheets. I went with the Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle, a starter set that promised to be more luxurious (and only slightly pricier) than their Classic bundle. This one came with a core sheet set, 4 pillowcases and a duvet cover that you could mix and match. I went in thinking I would keep things simple and just get them in white, but their minimalist patterns inspired me a bit so I ended up getting my sheets in Bedford Navy Stripe and pillowcases and duvet in Navy. The nautical theme I had dreamt up was coming to life.


When my bedding arrived, I was eager to put Brooklinen’s claim of making the “softest sheets ever” to the test. And not only were they soft, but they made me actually put effort into making my bed and having a presentable living space. When friends come over, I don’t have to keep my bedroom door shut. Not to mention I had a great night’s sleep that first night and continue to every night since.


I never thought I’d be rambling on about sheets, but good bedding is one of those small purchases that can make a big difference. The Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet bundle is the deal to get. Do the math and for just $228, it saves 25% versus buying everything separately. Plus, there’s the added bonus of a 60-night risk free guarantee and lifetime warranty.


Update: The folks at Brooklinen are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link today to receive free shipping and $20 off your second order!


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