Don’t Vote:

“Don’t vote.  Things are fine just the way they are.  Take a look around.  Our world needs a change.  You can be that change.  Vote.  And encourage others to vote.  Grab a poster.  Print it.  Spread the word.  ”

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Who is she: Petra Němcová

Seldom do we come across a woman so beautiful and so smart, that all we can say is: wow.  Not only is Petra Němcová a fashion model, but she's overcome obstacles most of us can't even fathom.  Oh and did...

Seldom do we come across a...

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They Need Us: Haiti Storm Relief Fund

In response to the devastation Haiti has faced the past few weeks because of storms, Wyclef Jean has announced the Haiti Storm Relief Fund through his Yelé Haiti organization and in coordination with the Pan American Development Foundation and...

In response to the devasta...

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They Need Us: Hope North Uganda

For the past 20 years, a brutal civil war has devastated Northern Uganda. Thousands of child victims of the conflict are now emerging with no home or family awaiting them. They have been labeled the lost generation.  Recent struggles in Sudan and Rwanda have captured countless news coverage and pledged donations, yet, the country in the middle has suffered.   “Doctors Without Borders” recently named the conflict occurring in Northern Uganda as one of the top 10 must under reported Humanitarian tragedies in 2005.

That’s all about to change we hope.  The Gentlemen’s Fund, Citi, and Forest Whitaker have partnered with Hope North to take action.