Kibera, Kenya’s Slums


Kibera, Kenya is one of the Africa’s largest slums and designer JR has completed his most ambitious project to date.

Today, after more than a year of planning, 2000 square meters of rooftops have been covered with photos of the eyes and faces of the women of Kibera. The material used is water resistant so that the photo itself will protect the fragile houses in the heavy rain season. The train that passes on this line through Kibera at least twice a day has also been covered with eyes from the women that live below it. With the eyes on the train, the bottom half of the their faces have be pasted on corrugated sheets on the slope that leads down from the tracks to the rooftops. The idea being that for the split second the train passes, their eyes will match their smiles and their faces will be complete.

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A Glance at Refugees Worldwide

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No War Heartbeat by Mau Design

To get political here would be out of character, but to stand up for what's right is something that's in our nature. I won't take a side but know that when innocent lives are being taken, that is not justice....

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Soles for Souls at Blackbird

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“Recession Proof” by Earnest Sewn

Now through January 2nd, Earnest Sewn’s shop on Washington Street in NYC will be offering up “Recession Proof, a way to encourage some consumption in this rigid economy of ours. Everything costs $50 or less including Dents driving gloves, Case & Sons knives (pictured below), and some house pieces.

Not a good enough bargain yet? You can also get one percent off for every canned food item you bring in (up to 20 percent), with donations going to the Food Bank for New York City and New York Cares.

Wow, you get to feel good about yourself and get a good deal when we need it the most.

Don’t Vote:

“Don’t vote.  Things are fine just the way they are.  Take a look around.  Our world needs a change.  You can be that change.  Vote.  And encourage others to vote.  Grab a poster.  Print it.  Spread the word.  ”

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