Transporter 3 Official Poster x Trailer

Just a few days ago, JoBlo released the exclusive poster for Transporter 3, which comes out in November.  We thought we’d show you guys the poster (above), and tease you a bit more with the trailer (below).

Jason Statham returns as Frank Martin, the ex-Special Forces operative who specializes in high-risk deliveries.

Robert Knepper from Prison Break also stars in the movie.  The movie’s set to release on November 26th.

Rag & Bone: Welcome to the West Village

A quick turn around from a construction site that hurts your eyes on Friday, to a flagship boutique for Marcus Wainwright and David Neville's acclaimed Rag & Bone. Antique furnishings and salvaged wood dominate, and the dressing rooms are laid with...

A quick turn around from a...

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Spotted: Sony’s A900 DSLR in Danish mag

Sony and Panasonic are both set to release some new DSLRs  next week, but a danish mag has already leaked the A900, a 24.6 megapixel camera that's full-frame, and fully ready to kick some arse.  It'll be packing a punch,...

Sony and Panasonic are bot...

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Lights out for the Eiffel Tower

Telegraph is reporting that starting next month, Sete, the company subcontracted by Paris to run the tower, is going to cut the time the bulbs are on by 50 percent, cutting illumination from 400...

Telegraph is reporting tha...

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This post was written using Google’s Chrome

We love Google for many reasons, and this might turn out to be another one.  Simple, yet useful, Google’s new web browser, Chrome, is what surfers have been looking for and then some.  We heard of the the public beta that came out, and we instantly downloaded it to see what Google’s been cooking up.  This post is actually written using the beta browser, but we’ll see if it’s a solid enough beta to use for all posts.

Virgin Airline x Entourage: Entourage Air

As we reminded you not too long ago, Season 5 premiere of Entourage is this coming Sunday!  This season is set to be better than its predecessors for numerous reasons.  Because of success that Entourage has piled up, HBO’s doing something special for this coming season.  They’ve painted the show’s logo across a Virgin Airlines Airbus A320 as part of “Entourage Air,” a make-believe airline.