hard graft 3Fold Multi-Use Bag

hard graft 3Fold Multi-Use Bag / Heritage for Spring 2012

hard graft has been working on this one for a few years now and we think they got it right with the final product. Their 3Fold Multi-Use bag can be used as an overnighter, messenger/laptop bag or even as a carry-all in the Portfolio format. Every handle, rivet, detail is reinforced and supported on the inside for added support and comfort. The Italian artisans at hard-graft have given us a bag worth buying for just about any occasion.

Preview | hard graft 2Pack & 3Fold Bags

Preview | hard graft 2Pack & 3Fold Bags

hard graft gives us a preview of their new 2Pack body bag as well as the second edition of the 3Fold, which sold out pretty quickly the first time around. The 2Pack marks a revival of the across body bag with a nod to the working man’s tool belt. It’s look great so far and we personally can’t wait to check this piece out in the flesh. It’s never easy taking a successful product like the 3Fold to new heights when the initial version was so well-received but we think hard graft has done it with v2. The concept behind the bag is as strong as each of the three guises. A flat laptop bag turns A2 portfolio case turns large overnighter – perfect for embracing life to the full and being flexible from day to day.

Both bags are in the final stages of development so look for them to drop before year’s end.