Nomad introduces its latest 2-in-1 charging solution called NomadPlus. The system specifically functions with an existing Apple charger. NomadPlus plugs into any Apple USB wall charger, transforming it into a 1500mAh portable battery that has enough power to recharge a...

Nomad introduces its latest ...

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Leaked: The 4th Gen iPhone

Gizmodo: 4th Generation iPhone Leaked [Video]

We’re not big on speculation but when it comes to the iPhone, we’re all ears. Seriously. So some crazy events have taken place in the past few weeks, all of which have begun to surface. An Apple engineer left a 4th generation iPhone prototype at a bar, which was picked up by some guy that gave Gawker media (owners of Gizmodo) the opportunity to give it an examination, for monetary fee of course. If this really is the next gen iPhone, then I’m sold. It’s bringing a new front-facing camera as well as a beefed-up back camera and a larger battery. The screen’s a bit smaller but the resolution’s been hiked up.

There’s probably much more that we haven’t seen yet, but rest assured, when the time is right, Steve will give us the full details. Until then, peep the video from Gizmodo after the jump. 

iPhone OS 4.0 Delivers Multitasking, iBooks and App-Switching

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 [Multitasking, Unified Inbox, iBooks]

For anyone that missed today’s major unveiling of the Apple iPhone’s 4.0 OS, we’ve got a quick breakdown. Some key enhancements to look forward to include the highly anticipated multitasking feature. The masses have been asking for it and now Steven Jobs and Co. will deliver. You’ll be able to run multiple apps at the same time, like using Skype to make a call and getting directions from TomTom’s GPS navigation app. You can run other apps like Pandora and check your email, without having to worry about the song going on pause. This feature will only be limited to the iPhone 3GS, while the 3G and Edge versions will be left out in the cold. Sucks for those guys.