Apple Magic Trackpad [Multi-Touch]

Apple Magic Trackpad [Multi-Touch]

Well folks, after much rumbling in the rumor mill, the curtain’s been lifted. We love the multi-touch trackpads on our MacBook Pros and it’s only right Apple deliver the same portability to the Apple-lovin’ masses. Following in the footsteps of its famed brethren, Magic Mouse, the new Magic Trackpad is the first Multi-Touch trackpad that’s designed to work with your Mac desktop computer.

It gives us a substantial amount of space to get the job done and delivers the full set of gestures that we’ve come to love on our more portable Pros. As with most Apple peripherals of this nature, it’ll be connecting via bluetooth, and it can be used with or without a mouse.

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Apple Unibody Mac Mini

Apple Unibody Mac Mini

While plenty of folks were clicking away on Apple’s website hoping to pre-order an iPhone 4, Cupertino’s finest was doing a bit of a juggling act, making sure their servers were live while also unveiling an updated Mac Mini. This new version packs plenty of enhancements, most notably a new aluminum unibody shell to mirror that of the MacBooks and iMacs. It also boasts an HDMI port and SD card slot, while also delivering a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 320GB hard and 2GB of RAM for $699.

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Hard Graft Tilt iPad Case

Hard Graft Tilt iPad Case

With so many different iPad cases out on the market, well-crafted pieces with a high level of attention to detail is what really helps products to stand out. Hard Graft‘s Tilt is made using tanned leather, an array of textures and unique blemishes and shades which add value to the appearance and make every single piece of leather unique. The protective folding case also doubles as a stand and the stretchy bands and leather base help to keep your iPad secure.

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Leaked: The 4th Gen iPhone

Gizmodo: 4th Generation iPhone Leaked [Video]

We’re not big on speculation but when it comes to the iPhone, we’re all ears. Seriously. So some crazy events have taken place in the past few weeks, all of which have begun to surface. An Apple engineer left a 4th generation iPhone prototype at a bar, which was picked up by some guy that gave Gawker media (owners of Gizmodo) the opportunity to give it an examination, for monetary fee of course. If this really is the next gen iPhone, then I’m sold. It’s bringing a new front-facing camera as well as a beefed-up back camera and a larger battery. The screen’s a bit smaller but the resolution’s been hiked up.

There’s probably much more that we haven’t seen yet, but rest assured, when the time is right, Steve will give us the full details. Until then, peep the video from Gizmodo after the jump. 

Phaidon Design Classics x Apple iPad

Phaidon’s famous three-volume Design Classics set contains the history of products that were designed from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution up until today. Now, the collection's making its way over to the iPad, bringing along sketches, archival...

Phaidon’s famous three-v...

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Apple iPad: The First Ad Premieres During Oscars

Apple iPad TV Ad During Oscars

Not only did Steve Jobs make an appearance at tonight’s Oscars, but Apple’s iPad also got some screentime. The ad is everything you’d expect from the boys in Cupertino and then some. It avoids showing the video playback in motion, which we’re not too surprised about but what was shown looked flawless. The Apple iPad is due to hit stores on April 3rd, with pre-ordering to begin in the coming days.

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Introducing: The Apple iPad, Price Starting at $499 [Apple Tablet]

The Apple iPad [Apple Tablet]

The boys in Cupertino have finally officially taken the covers off their newest device. It’ll be called the iPad, a name that’s been floating around for quite sometime. It looks great. The body’s slim, looks pretty comfy in Jobs’ hands. The OS is like an exploded version of the iPhone’s with a few cool features like ability to view YouTube in HD and an email interface with some enhanced aesthetics. Landscape and portrait view are enabled in the majority of uses. You’ve got maps, calendars, built-in iTunes Store, and iPhoto integration with events, places and faces. Movies, TV shows, music videos, audiobooks, just about everything you can watch on your iPhone, you can access through this beauty.

Hardware specs – 1.5 lbs., 0.5 inch thick with a 9.7 inch display, full capacitive multitouch, all powered by the 1GHz Apple A4 chip. Storage can be from 16GB to 64GB of flash memory. The usual suspects are all here – bluetooth 2.1 EDR, accelerometer, compass, WiFi 802.11n, microphone, and speaker. The iPad has a 10-hour battery life with a month of standby time. Wow.

The New Symbian OS [Nokia]

The New Symbian OS [Nokia]

There’s a whole lot going on lately in the mobile industry. You’ve got Google pushing Android, VoIP and mobile advertising; Apple and BlackBerry are still showing strong stats but Palm’s webOS isn’t gaining traction like everyone had hoped. Nokia is a special case to say the least. The largest phone manufacturer in the World’s been dying slowly, but maybe that will change.The new Symbian OS was presented at their capital market day by the company’s CEO. The new os mostly updates the user interface, leaving the bones mostly intact. Users will notice slicker graphics, faster navigation and better web browsing. all of the new features are also being optimized for large format touchscreen displays, allowing multi-touch capability too.

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The Multi-Touch Evolution: Apple Magic Mouse

The Apple Magic Mouse [Multi-Touch]

It began with iPhone. Then came iPod touch. Then MacBook Pro. And now, friends, multi-touch technology has come to the mouse. But not just any mouse — the Magic Mouse. Apple’s latest peripheral has a low-profile design and a seamless top shell, boasting a sleek and dramatically different design.  The Multi-Touch area covers the top surface of Magic Mouse, and the mouse itself is the button. Scroll in any direction with one finger, swipe through web pages and photos with two, and click and double-click anywhere. Inside Magic Mouse is a chip that tells it exactly what you want to do. Which means Magic Mouse won’t confuse a scroll with a swipe. It even knows when you’re just resting your hand on it.

It’s included with the new iMacs but you can pick one up for $69 if you want to bring multi-touch to another model.

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