Sony’s Sleek LED Speaker Bulb

  Leave it to Sony to take an already-existing, out-there idea and drag it into the mainstream. They did it with the Walkman in the 80s and they’re doing it again with the LED speaker bulb. Like other models already on...

  Leave it to Sony...

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ARCHT One Speaker

From newly minted audio company ARCHT comes the ARCHT One, a speaker that's well designed and packs some fine craftsmanship to deliver high quality sound. The company's patented Sound Array technology spreads loud, clear audio in all directions of its...

From newly minted audio comp...

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JBL Clip

Introducing the JBL Clip, an ultra-compact portable wireless bluetooth speaker and speakerphone. It's small in size but packs a punch in terms of usability and sound quality. JBL Clip’s 1.5” driver delivers a great balance of loudness and bass performance...

Introducing the JBL Clip, an...

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Monocle x Jawbone Big Jambox


Over the years, Monocle has been able to forge some pretty impactful relationships through several collaborations and they’re not showing any signs of letting up. Jawbone’s their latest partner in making something beautiful as they’ve released a limited edition version of their popular Big Jambox Bluetooth speaker. Normally available in a range of colors, it now gets the Monocle treatment with an all-black finish that features bespoke sleeving and other minimalistic details. The Monocle x Jawbone Big Jambox can be purchased for about $414 USD, though it’s limited to just 170 units.

Jawbone JAMBOX for Charity: Water

Jawbone JAMBOX for Charity: Water

Jawbone has unveiled a special release of their ultra-portable speaker the JAMBOX to support Charity: Water. This limited edition release features a black and yellow colorway with $50 of each JAMBOX sold being donated to Charity: Water to help support their staff and operations — allowing them to continue the important work of bringing clean, safe drinking water to the billion people currently living without it. The Jawbone JAMBOX in Jerry can yellow can be had for $199 through Jawbone.

IR x Bluetooth mate with Logitech Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3


There are very few things that the Sony PlayStation 3 is missing, IR capabilities is one of them. Logitech’s line of Harmony universal remote’s are by far the best on the market and they’re not compatable with the PS3. I’ve shed tears about this for quite sometime, but that’s about to change today. It allows the gaming system to be control by Logitech’s Harmony remotes.

Logitech’s Harmony Adapter for the PlayStation 3 is everything PS3 lovers have ever wanted, amiright? Did we mention it’s shipping now? 

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Bluetooth Headset: BlueAnt V1

Voice recognition is nothing new, but BlueAnt Wireless has taken the technology to another level.  The company’s V1 bluetooth headset is able to comprehend an array of commands spoken by the user and then acts on them.  A few examples include “pair me,” “call home,” “call favorite,” “Goog-411,” and “accept” or “ignore call.”