Harun No.7 by Mos Def

Harun No.7 by Yassin Bey AKA Mos Def, Fellowship Mission

New year, new scent. How ’bout it? Harun No.7, is from the creative mind of Yasiin Bey AKA Mos Def crafted in collaboration with some of his friends known as the Fellowship Mission. The first of many endeavors to come is this fragrance, a solid blend of woodsy, spicy, Indian attar, with a refreshing citrus top note. “We combine original scents in their purest form to create a warm and refreshing scent that is distinctive and made for men, but also appeals to women.” The oils are bottled in Brooklyn and contain Imported Attar from the Kamauj Uttar Padesh region of India. Harun No.7 is 100% natural and is free of alcohol and chemicals.

The Scent | Odin New York 07 Tanoke

With five other extremely well-received scents in Odin New York's lineup already, here's another one that's sure to get your attention. This unisex scent, 07 Tanoke, was developed with Paris-based Drom perfumer Corinne Cachen and blends memorable outdoor notes of...

With five other extremely ...

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Odin 06 Amanu for Barneys New York

Odin 06 Amanu for Barneys New York

New York-based retailer Odin has delivered way more than just clothing over the past few years, with their in-house line of scents and candles doing quite well for them as well. They’ve had such great success in this segment that they’ve gone from their 04 Petrana scent straight to 06 Amanu, one you’ll find exclusively at Barneys New York (05 has already been reserved by Chanel).

As for the scent itself, it features the woody rusticity of cedarleaf and the heady complexity of jasmine sambac. Rooting textures of amberwood, musk and live moss endow this earthy scent with a lush maturity.

Odin Fragrances

Still looking for the perfect cologne? Well you may be in luck as Odin has entered the market with a line of unisex fragrances. Co-owners Eddy Chai and Paul Biradi teamed up with Larry Paul and Kelly Kovack of Purpose-Built...

Still looking for the perf...

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Portland General Store Men’s Collection

Handmade in Maine using natural, high-quality ingredients, Portland General Store's collection of grooming products for men includes items such as shaving jelly, lotion, soap, aftershave, and cologne, available in a variety of ultra-manly scents like wood, whiskey, and tweed. The packaging...

Handmade in Maine using na...

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Cologne: Paul Smith Sunshine Limited Edition


Paul Smith’s limited edition fragrance called ‘Sunshine’ has been one of the British label’s hidden gems. Unfortunately for us Americans, it will most likely stay that way. Although, it’s been out for about a year, we’ve read numerous accounts of the scent’s perfect presence during the summer season. 

It’s got a perfect blend of ingredients which includes grapefruit, coriander leaves and nutmeg. “express a classic refinement underlining the masculinity and beauty of men wearing it.”

The Scent: He Wood by Dsquared

Identical twins Dean and Dan Caten, creators of the Dsquared, have released their scents for men and women.  Guys, be glad that He Wood for Men is much more appealing than 90% of the colognes out there.

It was released in September with a launch party to match.  Guys and Gals were introduced with young men and women with more information about two scents.  Plus, they even commented on the scents you were wearing as you came in.