For Men | Black Friday Deals

For Men | Black Friday Deals

Are we late to this party or right on time? Whatever the case, all I know is my inbox has been hit hard with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and I haven’t even sliced that turkey yet. It’s time to share the wealth of info. Let us know if you spotted anything else in the comments.

Black Friday 2009: The Best Deals for Men [Fashion]

Black Friday 2009: The Best Deals for Men [Fashion]

We hate to be so biased but most of the best places to shop are in NYC, hence why the best deals are there also. We’ve compiled a list of the best places to go come Friday morning (or should we say Thursday night). Also, we’ve added in some online deals as well, because why should we have to wait for Cyber Monday?

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Sony’s 80 GB PS3 dropping in price to $300 come April


Truth: Sony’s got a few highly anticipated exclusives for the PS3 this year including Killzone 2, Infamous, Heavy Rain, MAG, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, and MLB 09: The Show. Since they’ve reported a $1.1 billion operating loss for 2007/2008 (its first operating loss in 14 years), a price cut might help boost sales by opening the system to larger market.

Rumor: Come April, Sony’s going to slash the price of its 80 GB PS3 by $100 to $299, breaking that ever-so-crucial $300 mark. Let’s hope this comes to fruition.

Buy multi-million dollar home in Paradise Valley, get $200K Bentley Continental GT for free!


What a deal?! There are two multi-million dollar custom homes built in Paradise Valley by Five Star Development. If you happen to be the new buyers of either of these two homes, the Scottsdale developer will give you a 2009 Bentley Continental GT for free. The car retails for $198,000, but you have to be worth millions to own the home or to make those insurance payments so you better start selling off your kidneys, plus your kids’ kidneys, and your grandkids’ kidneys. 

Cashmere Chelsea Sweater by Hyden Yoo

We love hearing from Blackbird because we know that whatever they send our way is going to put a smile on our face. The Cashmere Chelsea Sweater by Hyden Yoo has done nothing short of that. It has black...

We love hearing from Blac...

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Deal: 10 Percent OFF at PUMA Store Online

With Puma's growing popularity in the fashion world in the past few years, it's very difficult to find good deals on some of their high-end pieces.  Today, Puma's Online Store is having a promotion of 10% off.  We'll take what...

With Puma's growing popula...

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