VIZIO’s Reference Series Ultra-HD LED Smart TV

Introducing VIZIO's most advanced, highest performing TV collection to date, their Reference Series. With a 120-inch model being the flagship of their offering, the collection delivers Ultra-HD, enhanced motion and picture Processing, integrated 5.1 sound, a sleek design and powerful...

Introducing VIZIO's most advan...

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Google Nexus Q

Google Nexus Q - Apple TV-like Home Entertainment Streamer

Google’s newly unveiled Nexus Q is essentially the internet giant’s answer to the Apple TV. It streams your favorite entertainment directly from the cloud to your living room but axes the onscreen interface. Everything’s controlled from a compatible phone or tablet with media streaming in from your Google Play and YouTube apps. The design is simplistic with a sphere-like shell and only a few discreet ports on the back to plug into your speakers, AV receiver or HDTV. Once you’re playing, you can control the volume from your handheld device, or simply by turning the top half of Nexus Q. Just touch the top LED to mute the sound completely. The Google Nexus Q is priced at $299 with availability via pre-order through Google.