Winter Essential | Borsalino ‘Legionnaire’ Hat

Winter Essential | Borsalino 'Legionnaire' Hat

There are plenty of ways to stay warm during the winter but Borsalino’s line of headwear happens to be one of the most durable and versatile. Their Legionnaire hat is a prime example of this as it’s as warm as it is functional. The hat features fold down ear flaps & a short bill, and is made from a heather wool mix fabric.

The Want | Fracap Japan Mountaineering Boot

The Want | Fracap Japan Mountaineering Boot

Introducing Fracap, a small company specializing in fine footwear made by hand in a small Italian factory and only available to the Japanese market. One of their most popular shoes is the Mountaineering boot, and this variation happens to be one of our favorites. It’s made of heavy duty brown leather that’s made from grainy leather and padded inside for extra comfort. The soles are extra thick and stitched, while the boots lace with contrasting scarlet laces through 5 d-rings and two hooks.

Oki-Ni actually got these guys to put this boot into production for them, giving us access to something that’s been reserved for the Japanese market in the past. The Mountaineering boot will be released on December 10th, but it’s available for pre-order now.

Camo | Rider Simba Tweed Trousers

Rider Simba | Camo Tweed Trousers [Fall 2010]

From Camo‘s Circus Collection for the fall comes these drop crotch trousers in a grey tweed fabric. The colourful red fleck in the wool allow for the expression of style but within the constraints of a society that necessitates disguise. The trousers from the Italian label are also cropped and feature double button front pockets, details all referencing to the theatrical flare of the season’s line.

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Beauty & Youth Made in Italy Boots

From Japan's Beauty & Youth "made in Italy" collection comes a trio of boots, all finished in suede and fitted with wingtip detailing. Colorways include navy blue, brown and beige, but there's also a fourth variety (not shown above), black,...

From Japan's Beauty & ...

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Common Projects Arctic Boot

Common Projects Arctic Boot

Though we’ve seen plenty of great kicks come from Common Projects in seasons past, the Arctic Boot is the first real boot that we’ve personally come across, though we may be wrong. If that’s the case, then “oops” in advance. Anyways, CP is going with the hiking theme for the fall and they’re leading off really well. The boot’s, “Made in a rugged leather and leather lined. Hiking lacing a light weight Vibram like out sole and the significant stamp on the heel.”

Like all other CPs, this boot is also crafted in Italy. More info and looks after the jump.

BEAMS Lights Weave Belt

BEAMS Lights Weave Belt [Made in Italy]

BEAMS‘ Lights collection drops a few new pieces, including this weave belt in three different colorways. Made in Italy, they’re everything you’d expect, from the craftsmanship to the overall look and uniqueness.

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Persol 0714 Folding Sunglasses

Persol 0714 Folding Sunglasses

The Persol 0714s are the folding version of the classic 0649, which was developed in 1957 for tram drivers in Turin who needed large glasses to protect their eyes from dust. They were most famously worn by Steve McQueen for most of his life. The frames are hand made in Italy from Italian materials and feature Persol’s trademark ‘Meflecto’ system and 3-notch-bridge for flexibility and comfort. The frames are fitted with crystal glass lenses and the unmistakeable ‘Supreme Arrow’ detail at arm hinges.

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Spring/Summer 2010: Trousers London [Made in Italy]

Trousers London Spring + Summer 2010

Limited in quantity, but not in quality, Trousers London has made a name for itself in a very short period of time. When the British label first launched in February 0f 2008 at London Fashion Week, they unveiled a lineup that consisted of only 150 pairs of jeans, each with its own ID number to preserve the exclusivity. It’s the attention to detail that’s sure to make the label a standout for seasons to come.

Trousers London’s Spring 2010 collection will bring models Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten to their stable of well-crafted denims, two being straight-leg and two low-crotch fits.

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Lamborghini: Feels Italian. Wherever you are. [ad campaign]


Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A stamped Italian culture on new environments with an international print advertising campaign, “Feels Italian. Wherever you are.” The company, owned by Audi, present their Italian sports car in what appears to be Mexico, the USA and England. Each image contains a subtle reference to Italian culture and a reminder that the car is still manufactured in the town of Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy.

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Creative Recreation’s Made in Italy Collection at Las Vegas Tradeshows


Selectism is continuing their coverage of the (capsule) show in Las Vegas with Creative Recreation’s Made in Italy Collection for Autumn 2009. The collection includes a variety of new looks including the Corrozzo (above) in wrinkled midnight leather as well as the Capri in low and hi. These aren’t your ordinary CRs so expect the prices to be above what you normally expect. 

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