Cameron Weiss and the Weiss Watch Company

Cameron Weiss is the founder of Los Angeles-based Weiss Watch Company. Though we've covered them in the past, Weiss Watch Co. is on a very shortlist of notable American watchmakers. They launched last fall and since then have been sold...

Cameron Weiss is the founder...

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Closer Look | Astor + Banks Chrono S

The watch market's currently being flooded with new entrants. You've got brands popping up left and right, so it's a really fun time for folks like us that really enjoy watches and love sharing the stories of brands and the...

The watch market's currently...

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Introducing | Weiss Watch Company

Weiss Watch Company sets an ambitious timeline for the future and past preservation of domestic manufacturing. Founded in 2013 by California native Cameron Weiss, the newly established brand is currently the only United States watchmaker designing, engineering, and manufacturing their...

Weiss Watch Company sets an ...

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Topo Designs Trail Pack

Topo Designs has released a new, lightweight backpack in the form of their Trail Pack. It's minimal in detail but extremely functional and ideal for quick daytrips with all your essentials. The shell's made from a highly durable 500d Cordura...

Topo Designs has released a ...

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Por Homme Trench by Stock Manufacturing

Por Homme Trench by Stock Manufacturing

In collaboration with Chicago-based Stock Manufacturing, we introduce to you this trench coat. It’s our first jump into design and we’re really excited to get it out on the market and see how it’s received. Stock gave us the option to pick any garment we wanted and I decided to go with a high quality, any-season trench as it’s one of the most essential garments a man can own.

It comes in a trimmed down fit which flows nicely with the overall minimalistic design. The mid-thigh length was key here as was going with a weather-resistant fabric. I wanted to deliver something that was versatile and I’m really confident in the finished product. Blend the details with the old-world tailoring techniques and the finest Japanese fabric and you’ve got a must-have for any man’s closet.

This piece will be sold exclusively through Stock Manufacturing, for two weeks only. After the next 14 days, the team in Chicago will produce what was ordered, and that’s it. This exact piece will never be available again. So, click through, check it out, and if you dig it – buy. Any questions / concerns / comments, please reach out to me directly if needed —

Now Available | HODINKEE Horween Shell Cordovan Watch Straps

Now Available | HODINKEE Horween Shell Cordovan Watch Straps

The good folks at HODINKEE continue delivering excellence in editorial content but their retail endeavors have been quite impressive as well. First came a lineup of watch accessories that were made in Italy and then was a tie collaboration with the iconic British label Drake’s. Now, they’ve teamed up with Chicago’s Horween, America’s finest leather maker. Brands like Alden have been using their leather for ages and the brand has definitely withstood the test of time. HODINKEE has introduced a lineup of Horween Shell Cordovan leather watch straps that are made right here in the good ol’ US of A and available in two varieties, lined and unlined. The

The unlined straps are a flexible strip of shell cordovan with a steel buckle closure and matching stitching that almost disappears. The lined cordovan straps are a bit sportier and have a thin cushioned lining sewn into them with matching thread. The unlined comes in 18mm and 20mm while the lined come in 20mm and 22m variations. All sizes come in black, natural and Horween’s iconic Color #8. On the underside you’ll find a special HODINKEE/Horween logo that recalls the Horween logo stamped onto the raw shells at the Chicago tannery.

The entire line of HODINKEE Horween Shell Cordovan straps is available now through HODINKEE.

Introducing | The New Red Wing Heritage 875 and 877 Boots

Introducing | The New Red Wing Heritage 875 and 877 Boots

Red Wing’s Heritage division has updated the leather used on the iconic 875 and 877 boots to be truer to the original. Red Wing Heritage’s new Oro Legacy leather will replace the Oro-iginal leather that has been used on the previous version of the iconic 875 and 877. Oro Legacy is a supple, more natural richly colored leather that harkens back to the days when Red Wing’s salesmen recalled pulling boots out of the box “slick with oil”. And like the other leathers in the Heritage collection, it’s made right in Red Wing, Minnesota at S.B. Foot Tanning Company. The new Oro Legacy is a more natural leather that displays much more character than the previous 875 and 877 leather.

The 875 6″ moc-toe boot and 877 8″ moc-toe boot will retain their shape and classic styling, but the Oro Legacy leather update means that they’ll be as close to the originals as possible. Learn more about the 877 and 875 boots at

Red Wing Handsewn Collection

Red Wing Handsewn Collection by Rancourt & Co., Maine

This season, Red Wing Shoe Co. has teamed up with Maine-based shoemaker Rancourt & Co. for a new Genuine Handsewn collection. All the pieces are made right in Rancourt’s hometown of Lewiston, which happens to be very well-known for being a hub for well-known, locally-made footwear companies. Rancourt & Co. has influenced many shoe brands that have come after it though very few are able to win the test of time like they have. This collaboration with Red Wing delivers a line of hand sewn shoes made from top-notch materials and crafted using classic, very manual and intimate methods.

Red Wing created a short film to explain their Made in Maine Handsewn Collection further (see below). Head over to Red Wing to get more details on the offerings as well.

William Fox & Sons Spring/Summer 2012 Backpacks

William Fox & Sons Spring/Summer 2012 Backpacks at END

A briefing on William Fox & Sons Sporting Goods — the brand’s been delivering well-made product since 1913 with a strong focus on rugby, hunting, and mountaineering. They take pride in maintaining the highest standards of design and manufacturing and it shows. End Clothing has taken stock of some mountaineering luggage such as the Trial Pack, Tear Drop Pack, and Country Pack. American made from durable materials and premium leather trimmings.

Hodinkee x Club Monaco | Vintage Watches Made in the USA

Hodinkee x Club Monaco | Vintage Watches Made in the USA

There’s something special about the work that Ben Clymer of Hodinkee does. He connects readers with products that they normally wouldn’t be able to see and talks about complicated timepieces in a way that folks can relate to and the unique content he dishes out on the daily is by far some of the best watch coverage on the digital web. He’s been steadily growing his following and this is one of his many “stamps of approval” in the past few months. He’s been doing some close work with TAG Heuer and Audemars Piguet and has ongoing collaborative efforts with the teams over at Gilt. Now, Club Monaco commissioned Ben to find some vintages military-style watches that were made right here in the US of A as part of their Made in the USA collection in conjunction with Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean. Of course, he delivered and now the goods are being sold at the Club’s New York flagship at 21st and 5th and Toronto’s Bloor Street location. There are less than ten pieces in total and we’re not sure which ones are even left but we suggest getting in to one of these shops if they’re local and check out the beauties for yourself.

Read more about the collaboration on Hodinkee.