New MySpace Teaser from Justin Timberlake

New MySpace Teaser from Justin Timberlake

Earlier today, Justin Timberlake tweeted a link to this teaser of the New MySpace to his 13+ million followers. The site, now been acquired by Specific Media for 15 months and partially owned by JT himself, gets a complete makeover and the aesthetics and user flow seem to take inspiration from two other social networks – Facebook and Tumblr. Users will be able to login via Facebook or Twitter with the option to bring photos or other information with them so you don’t need to build from unless you want to. Status updates look similar to the mobile app Path, with photos largely displayed and user comments showing up underneath. There’s also a music component which allows you to browse albums, find popular songs and artists and more. Want access? Get in line at

Myspace Music goes LIVE, bootleggers rejoice

The bootleggers on Canal Street are jumping up and down right now and for good reason. MySpace Music goes live, my friends. We don't have MySpace, but their reach is vast, with roughly 120 million users.  They signed a deal with...

The bootleggers on Canal S...

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