Aoúd Jewelry Spring/Summer 2013 Japan Collection

Aoúd Jewelry | Japan Collection

We first were turned to Italian jewelry design label Aoúd last year and we’ve been loyal fans ever since. With such a solid first collection, we’d think it would be quite difficult to beat the second time around but they’ve done it with these pieces designed for the Japanese market. Japan is where all the Western subcultures are experienced in a very deep way, almost fetishist and so there’s much to appreciate there from the second collection of aoúd. The line features pieces made of silver and brass and produced entirely in Italy and brings us back to the atmospheres of the chopper culture.

The sacred symbols of the first collection are strong again and when combined with modern rosary beads and wallet chains, they create the connection to an imaginary scenario of the ’60s.There is where gang of bikers were beautifully described by Hunter S. Thompson in his report of the Hell’s Angels ’67 and by the photographer Bill Ray in an article for the American magazine Life ’65. Each piece holds deep meaning and inspiration and we’re quite impressed by the evolution and versatility aoúd is showing with their latest collection. The collection is sold in select stores internationally including Excelsior in Milan and Strasburgo in Japan.

Aoúd Jewelry

Aoúd Jewelry

From Italy-based aoúd comes an exceptional line of men’s jewelry. The label is does an amazing job blending natural stones in an array of finishes with silver and brass pendants, with seeds and coloured tassels of fabric. There’s a really ancient feel to the pieces with much symbolism and infusion of various cultures to come to very unique designs. We had the opportunity to try one of aoúd‘s pieces and we have to say the detail and craftsmanship is everything we expected and more. The look and feel of the necklaces are masculine and wearable and we’re really glad to see the label begin to pick up stockists in the United States. More looks at the collection below.

CXXVI Anchor II Necklace

CXXVI Anchor II Necklace

Though we’re not big on the whole “jewelry for men” movement, this anchor necklace from CXXVI reaches well beyond the aesthetics. It’s made from hand forged steel, as it’s heated in a coal forge and hand hammered on a 130 year old anvil, giving a sturdy build. It’s also lightly coated with beeswax to preserve the appearance.

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