‘FIFA 16’ New Season Trailer

‘FIFA 16’ is set to be released next month, as marked by a new season trailer. The game will be the first in the FIFA series to include female teams. However, players will not be able to create mixed gender...

‘FIFA 16’ is set to be...

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Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.5

Mozilla's blessed the masses with Firefox 3.5, the predecessor to the extremely-popular 3.0 released roughly a year ago. It available in 70 different languages, packs a Private Browsing Mode and the ability to go back in time and Clear Recent...

Mozilla's blessed the mass...

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Line Between Netbook and Notebook Gets Blurred Even More with HP Mini 5101

HP Mini 5101 Netbook

Sleeker and much more refined than its predecessors, the HP Mini 5101 is probably one of the best netbooks to hit the market. The 95-percent chiclet keyboard is really got us excited but there’s much more to it on the inside. The 7200RPM hard drive is standard, as it is with most laptops, blurring the line between netbooks and real laptops even more. There’s also an accelerometer in it for sudden motion protection. It’s still got an Atom processor and is displayed with Vista, but we’re sure that won’t stay for long with anyone.

“An optional, integrated Gobi-powered HP Mobile Broadband module allows users to conveniently access the Internet, corporate intranet, email and other critical information around the world. Other wireless technologies include integrated Wi-Fi Certified WLAN and optional Bluetooth 2.0. An integrated 2-megapixel webcam allows for easy still-image capture, web-conferencing or video-enhanced instant messaging with no additional hardware.” Also, HP’s QuickSync software will be available for downloan in September, giving users the ability to quickly synchronize the HP Mini with notebooks or desktops so users can avoid maintaining multiple documents, media files and email. This information can also be synced to portable storage devices.

All-in-all, the 5101 will go on sale next month for $449. Hit the jump for images and the press release. 

Netflix Instant Streaming for Windows Media Center

Gizmodo's informed us that now Windows Vista users can now instantly stream more than 12,000 movie titles and television episodes right to their PCs thanks to Netflix and Windows Media Center. Netflix can be accessed directly through its own section under the...

Gizmodo's informed us that...

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One-stop social networking: Skimmer, Fallon’s social web reader


With your social networking accounts growing, may we recommend an desktop application that helps to give you an organized view into all of them? Skimmer’s a social web reader by Fallon, a Minneapolis-based ad agency. 

Skimmer℠ is an Adobe AIR desktop application designed to streamline, beautify, and enhance the experience of participating in your most frequently used social networking activities. It improves upon day-to-day interaction with multiple social networks, removing distractions and providing a rich content experience from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Blogger and YouTube.

Is an onboard optical drive-packed netbook still a netbook?


I completely understand the evolution of the netbook but there’s a reason it’s called a netbook. Mouse Computer is a Japanese PC firm and they’ve unveiled their newest netbook – the LB-F1500W. It’s got all the goodies that you can expect like a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 160GB hard disk, 1GB RAM, 10.2-inch (1,024×600) display, and Windows XP Home Edition. But wait, there’s more, my friends. It’s also got a built-in optical drive.

Lenovo IdeaCentre A600: world’s thinnest all-in-one PC?


Whether it is the world’s thinnest all-in-one pc or not doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the A600 packs an Intel Core Duo processor, up to 4 GB of RAM, up to a terabyte of storage and a 21.5-inch display in 1920×1080 resolution.

At $999, the IdeaCentre also comes with an air mouse, a game controller, a media center remote and a digital TV tuner.