Facebook’s First Ad Released After Reaching 1 Billion Users

Facebook's First Ad Released After Reaching 1 Billion Users

By way of his status update, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook now has over 1 billion active monthly users. At the same time, the social network has released their first ad, one that aligns Facebook with other things that people use to get together and connect. Here’s what Mark said on his status:

This morning, there are more than one billion people using Facebook actively each month.
If you’re reading this: thank you for giving me and my little team the honor of serving you.

Helping a billion people connect is amazing, humbling and by far the thing I am most proud of in my life.

I am committed to working every day to make Facebook better for you, and hopefully together one day we will be able to connect the rest of the world too.

New MySpace Teaser from Justin Timberlake

New MySpace Teaser from Justin Timberlake

Earlier today, Justin Timberlake tweeted a link to this teaser of the New MySpace to his 13+ million followers. The site, now been acquired by Specific Media for 15 months and partially owned by JT himself, gets a complete makeover and the aesthetics and user flow seem to take inspiration from two other social networks – Facebook and Tumblr. Users will be able to login via Facebook or Twitter with the option to bring photos or other information with them so you don’t need to build from unless you want to. Status updates look similar to the mobile app Path, with photos largely displayed and user comments showing up underneath. There’s also a music component which allows you to browse albums, find popular songs and artists and more. Want access? Get in line at new.myspace.com.

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion

In case you’re wondering what $1 Billion can get you these days, this is it. Both Facebook and Instagram have confirmed the purchase of the photo-sharing app by the Zuckerberg-led social network. This acquisition gets Facebook in lead on the mobile front, something they desperately needed to do before going public. Don’t expect any major changes to Instagram just yet. Both sides are saying it’s staying the same and development work will continue. Here’s what Mark had to say about the purchase:

Facebook iPad App

Facebook iPad App

After tons of rumors and speculation, Facebook has officially unveiled their iPad app.The app’s well designed, and puts a ton of emphasis on the iPad multitouch interface. Expect some of the features to trickle down to the iPhone app in the near future as well. The app features hi-res photos, access to games, chat and more. Everything is accessible with a simple dropdown menu and navigation bar helping you when needed.

Gmail Goes Social with Google Buzz

Well, Google’s a fast learner. With their Wave client all but dead, they’ve come to realize that no one needs another email client when they already have Gmail. With this in mind, the internet giant’s released Google Buzz, a social networking service associated with Gmail and gives Gmail users the option of sharing updates, photos, videos and geographical location (integrated with Google Maps) to stimulate conversations. It can also be accessed through your mobile, which allows for sharing on the go. Some supported clients include Flickr, Picasa and Twitter (Facebook is a negative).

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One-stop social networking: Skimmer, Fallon’s social web reader


With your social networking accounts growing, may we recommend an desktop application that helps to give you an organized view into all of them? Skimmer’s a social web reader by Fallon, a Minneapolis-based ad agency. 

Skimmer℠ is an Adobe AIR desktop application designed to streamline, beautify, and enhance the experience of participating in your most frequently used social networking activities. It improves upon day-to-day interaction with multiple social networks, removing distractions and providing a rich content experience from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Blogger and YouTube.

Use your facebook account to comment on Por Homme!


Excited much? Well, you should be! Now, we’ve given you guys the option to comment using your facebook account. Just scroll to the bottom of a post and select “Facebook Connect” option. If you’re already logged into facebook, then the commenting system will detect it and allow you to post your comment without having to put any information in.