MR PORTER | What They Wore at Milan Fashion Week

MR PORTER | What They Wore at Milan Fashion Week Video

There’s a ton of street style photography taking place during the fashion week and tradeshow circuits but MR PORTER‘s opted to hold off on stills and give us a video that highlights some of the top accessories spotted at this past week’s Milan Fashion Week. “Whether on faces or feet, the men at Milan Fashion Week have been adding a spot of sprezzatura with their accessories. See a few that caught our eye.” Check out the video below.

Pitti Uomo 2012 Street Style

Pitti Uomo 2012 Street Style - Men in Florence

With Pitti Uomo entering its third day tomorrow, some street style photographers have already compiled a ton of photos from the first two days. Men dressed in their finest fabrics were captured on the streets of Florence with even more fine attire in sight. Keep an eye on Nam and his amazing captures over the next few days.

The Retailers | Union Los Angeles by Tommy Ton

The Retailers | Union Los Angeles by Tommy Ton

Famed Street Style photographer Tommy Ton looks to switch it up with the introduction of “The Retailers,” a new segment where he goes behind the scenes of some of the best boutiques known to man, highlighting the people that make them as successful as they are. “I wanted to focus on teams at these stores that have such an amazing eye for detail,” says Ton. “Shops that continue to change people’s views and inspire.” First up is Union Los Angeles. (via GQ)

Tommy Ton | One Eye Open

Tommy Ton | One Eye Open

Tommy Ton, famed street style photographer and founder of Jak and Jil, has really built a name for himself over the years with his signature shooting style and humbled approach. Though you probably wouldn’t have recognized him a few years back, the surge of blogging and emergence of street style have made him a household name. He’s respected by all that have been touched by him and his work and for good reason. His approach is natural and unforced and the results have been epic.

With his unique eye for careful detail, Ton captures the true ready-to-wear ensembles donned by editors, models, and celebrities who walk the streets every Fashion Week. During last month’s Spring/Summer shows in New York, Life + Times followed the master at work.

Video from L+T can be found below.

Street Style | PROJECT NY by Aveder Outfit

Street Style | PROJECT NY by Aveder Outfit

We’re here live at PROJECT NY and there are a few other sites with us in the Blogger Project, including Cleon Grey’s Aveder Outfit. The man is a gifted artist with an infinite amount of creativity and vision. He’s been here taking style shots of folks roaming the floor. We’ve handpicked a few of them here, but the rest you can check out on PROJECT’s Tumblr page as they’re being uploaded throughout the day.

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