The Hill-Side Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

Brooklyn-based menswear label The Hill-Side is out with their newest collection for the Fall/Winter 2015 season. The lineup includes new shirts, caps, shoes, and accessories, including some of The Hill-Side's trademark ties. Using high-quality, heavy-duty fabrics sourced from the United...

Brooklyn-based menswear la...

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Drake’s for Hodinkee 2014 Collection

Once again, our friends at Hodinkee have partnered with Drake's of London for a limited run of neckwear and accessories, this time giving us a new tie and pocket square. Both pieces are of the highest quality, as you'd expect...

Once again, our friends at H...

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Drake’s London For HODINKEE | Heritage Tie and Snowflake Pocket Square

Drake's London For HODINKEE | Heritage Tie and Snowflake Pocket Square

HODINKEE continues their relationship with Drake’s Of London as they’ve collaborated on another knit tie and added in a pocket square to the mix as well. The tie is again a silk knit (best on the market in our opinion), but this time, it comes in a beautiful red finish with gilt, hand-sewn dots. HODINKEE’s Heritage Tie could be the only red tie you’ll ever want to own. It’s inspired by the Tudor Black Bay, a gorgeous modern dive watch, and the HODINKEE team worked closely with the Drake’s to ensure the color match between the tie and the Black Bay’s bezel and gilt dial was spot on. Mission accomplished.

HODINKEE’s first foray into the pocket square market comes in the form of their Snowflake Square, which is inspired by another Tudor beauty, the Tudor Pelagos. The detail and craftsmanship is unparalleled as the thin silk square has hand-rolled edges and a great feel. The black and white colorway gives it a ton of versatility as well.

The HODINKEE Heritage Tie is available now for $155 and the Snowflake Square is as well for $72, both through the HODINKEE Shop. Until they undoubtedly sell out of course.

Introducing | Drake’s For HODINKEE Limited Edition Tie Collection

Introducing | Drake's For HODINKEE Limited Edition Tie Collection

On their way to watch-world domination, seems the folks at HODINKEE have scheduled a few stops. They’ve already gone through an amazing site redesign and even launched an in-house line of hand-made Italian straps, pouches, and travel rolls. Now, they’ve teamed up with London’s Drake’s to create a limited edition tie collection inspired by two of HODINKEE founder Ben Clymer’s favorite watches. Drake’s of London is the pinnacle of men’s neckwear and accessories for as long as even my father can remember. Today is truly a momentous day, friends. These knit ties are woven with the highest quality silk yarn in the world, and the dots are hand-sewn with silk thread. No two ties are the same.

Alexander Olch x Maison Kitsuné Neckwear at NoMad Hotel

Alexander Olch x Maison Kitsuné Neckwear at NoMad Hotel NYC

To celebrate the opening of the Maison Kitsuné shop at The NoMad Hotel, Alexander Olch and Kitsuné have teamed up for a limited line of silk ties. Alexander and Masaya Kuroki, one of Kitsuné’s designers, formed a friendship while presenting their respective collections in Paris at the same showroom. Both designers are involved in fashion and art (Alexander is also a filmmaker, while Masaya is involved in the music industry) and enjoy working in diverse mediums. Alexander and Masaya share a mutual respect for timeless design, and the tie collection explores the idea of the classic New York man.

The collection consists of four neckties ($150 each) and two bow-ties ($110 each) in 100% English silk woven at a seven generations-old mill. Numbers are fairly limited and are offered exclusively at the Maison Kitsuné shop at the NoMad Hotel in New York.

Drake’s Shantung Silk Polka Dot Tie

Drake's London Shantung Silk Polka Dot Tie

We’ve seen our fair amount of navy ties with white polka dots but this variation from Drake’s London gives some added texture in the form of its Shantung silk construction. “Originating from China, this variety of the luxurious fabric has a raw, bobbled feel adding texture and flair to your dressed-up looks.” The polka dot necktie has this timeless elegance that not many pieces embody and with the longstanding history of Drake’s behind it, there’s not really much else we can ask for.

Alexander Olch ‘Knot Yourself’ Video

Alexander Olch 'Knot Yourself' Four-in-Hand Knot Video

Alexander Olch teamed up with for this exclusive video highlighting the New York designer’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection. With direction from Matt Lenski and narration by The Olch himself, the video features a tutorial on how to tie the four-in-hand knot. French model Aurelie Claudel stars in the video and looks stunning. Needless to say, you’ll have to watch this multiple times to get the knot perfect.

Drakes London at No. 3 Clifford Street

Drakes London at No. 3 Clifford Street

Back in May, the first ever Drake’s shop was opened, with a distinct location in Mayfair at No. 3 Clifford Street. The store carries everything you’re accustomed to seeing on the British label’s online shop and offers up exceptional service to boot. Bespoke services are offered as well as Drake’s provides an unequalled array of the finest neckwear fabrics, and all of Drake’s ties are meticulously handmade in their own Clerkenwell workrooms. Selectism recently took a visit to the store, be sure to check out some of the images below.

Drakes London Cashmere Neckties

Drakes London Cashmere Neckties

One of our favorite neckwear designers, Drakes London, has some phenomenal neckwear for the F/W season. These cashmere ties are made with the utmost detail and will work really well with your layered stylings for the colder months. The ties will also add a burst of color to a wardrobe that’s known to be a bit muted. They’re made by hand in England, are 3.14 inches at their widest point and are available in a few different styles, with each style coming in a range of colorways.