The Healthy Hustle | Todd Barket of Unionmade

The Healthy Hustle | Todd Barket of UnionmadeThe Healthy Hustle | Todd Barket of Unionmade

When you look at the men’s fashion landscape nowadays, there are only a handful of shops here in the United States that deliver a well thought-out selection of goods, with San Francisco’s Unionmade being one of them. They’ve been consistently delivering top-notch product for the past few seasons now and Todd Barket is the man at the helm of this outstanding establishment. It’s a rarity we get a chance to hear the folks behind some of our favorite retailers speak and this video interview by Design Rehab is worth checking out.

For quite sometime, Todd worked at The Gap under the leadership of Mickey Drexler and he touches on some of his experiences there as well as what he feels matters the most when opening a shop like Unionmade.