Now Open | Hickoree’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Now Open | Hickoree's in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A move that’s long overdue, The Brothers Corsillo have finally taken their highly successful Hickoree’s online shop and opened their first brick and mortar establishment. Situated in the South Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY, the shop is a floor under their office where brothers Sandy and Emil have run both Hickoree’s as well as The Hill-Side over the past few years. The product’s as diverse as it is online with everything from wiffle ball bats and Blue Cow soap to parkas from Owner/Operator and new packs from Epperson Mountaineering. The shop recently collaborated with Fair Ends for two wool caps, both of which are available in-store now. (via Secret Forts)

Billboard Takeover Invades Williamsburg

The Takeover of Billboards in NYC has crossed the Brooklyn Bridge into Williamsburg. Along Bedford Avenue,  Jordan Seiler of Public Ad Campaign spotted a couple billboards painted over by RAB. ANIMAL tells us that while one of the ads was an illegal...

The Takeover of Billboards...

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