McCain Responds to Fire: Proposes $300 million to developer of car battery of the future

Recently, Presidential hopeful Barack Obama stated that he would meet with the Big 3 Detroit automakers early in his presidency.  To continue with the good fighting spirit, Senator McCain says that he would offer $300 million to American developers that can develop a car battery of the future. This is just one of many ways to go about our current oil crisis.  A valiant effort we must say.

Unfortunately, Senator McCain does not understand that in order for American manufacturers to compete, they must step up their R&D departments.  GM has already stepped it up with the introduction of the Volt, but isn’t the incentive of $300 million a bit much?  Taking it out of the taxpayers pockets to benefit big business is not the best solution for our current crisis.  As if the United States doesn’t have enough financial issues to solve.

Source:  eGMCarTech


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