Jack Black: Deep Detox

Just when clean & clear just isn’t doing it, there comes a company that really knows what men need in terms of facial cleansing and grooming.  Jack Black has an array of products, but nothing stood out more to us than the Deep Detox Clay Mask/Spot Treatment.

It dries up blemishes, purifies skin, and sets it up for the closest shave ever.

The difference is in the ingredients: natural Kaolin and Bentonite clays help unclog pores for cleaner, clearer-looking skin. Organic Sea Kelp and White Tea also work to detoxify skin by extracting dirt and grime, revealing a more revitalized, healthy appearance. Witch Hazel rounds everything out by reducing pore size and eliminating excess oil.

There’s no fragrance, parabens or colorants so you can go about your business without smelling like you just walked out of Sephora.



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