Michael Phelps: Greatest Olympic athlete ever?

As the 2008 Summer Olympics are underway in Beijing, All eyes are on American swimmer Michael Phelps.  He has 9 career Olympic golds, majority of which were achieved in 2004.  In China, he’s currently 5-for-5, with 3 more competitions to go.  Don’t think Phelps is done, because his mental strength has gotten him this far.  He’s broken record after record, without any end in sight.  Along with the five golds, he’s also gotten five World Records to match.  If greatness were ever to be questioned, this wouldn’t be the time nor the place.

His 5th gold of these Olympics puts him above his predecessors with 11 career golds, the most by any Olympic athlete.  Still haven’t caught Phelps Phever?  Well, it’s not too late.  Check out the new Visa ad titled “Go World,” below.

Visa “Go World”:

Source:  ft.com


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