WTF: Woman named Yoda blocked from Facebook?

Hiroko Yoda says she’s made numerous attempts to join the addictive popular social networking site but error messages stopped her from joining.

When she attempted to use anglicized versions of her surname, including Youda and Yohda, everything worked to perfection. The Japanese author shares her name with the ever-so popular green Jedi from Star Wars.

After contacting Facebook she claims she was told that Yoda had been placed on a name blacklist because so many members pretended to be the fictional three-fingered seer. The website only allows people to join under their real names.

“Facebook blocks the registration of a number of names that are frequently abused on the site,” the website’s message read.  “The name ‘Yoda’, also being the name of a popular Star Wars character, is on this list of blocked names.” Under Facebook’s terms and conditions, users must agree not to “impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent yourself”.

After the senseless uproar, Facebook has now allowed Hiroko Yoda to set up a profile on the site.  In Japan, Yoda is pretty common and there are dozens of members with the name on the site.  Now, instead of spending time on her writing career, she can write on her friends’ walls and waste her life away.

Source:  Telegraph


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