$30K for Damascene straight razor stops hair from regrowing. ever.

Well, not quite, but for $30K, we’re assuming those blades are mighty sharp.

HOMMAGE has created a limited edition straight razor forged from legendary Damascene Steel. Combining the best qualities of hard and malleable steel, layer upon layer is folded onto the next, each becoming visible through a meticulous process of grinding and polishing. Hard, durable and incredibly sharp, the characteristic rose and torsion pattern attests to its superior craftsmanship.

There has to be something special about it.  Something they’re not telling us.  It makes pigs fly, makes panties drop, turns us into Batman.  Something.  Anything?  Guess we’ll have to wait until someone coughs up the $30K and lets us know how it goes.

Source:  Hommage


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