Google’s Project 10 to the 100th gives $10 million to fund ideas

Think about all those different ideas that run through your head when you’re lighting on up being a couch potato.  Well, maybe this is the time to try to pitch some of those and see how they fair. In celebration of their 10th birthday, Google’s announced Project 10 the the 100th to put a grip on these different ideas and use them for a greater cause.

How it works: fill out a 20-step Submission Form that covers your contact info and what your idea is.  Once that’s done with, you hit the Submit button $10 million in funding if you win.

Seem simple enough? Get your brains pumping, people.  Check the video below.

Q: What is Project 10^100? A: Project 10^100 (pronounced “Project 10 to the 100th”) is a call for ideas to change the world, in the hope of helping as many people as possible.

Q: Why is Google doing this? A: The short answer is that we think helping people is a good thing, and empowering people to help others is an even better thing. Here’s the long answer.

Q: How many ideas are you funding? A: We have committed $10 million to fund up to five ideas selected by our advisory board.

Video after the gallery

Google’s Project 10 to the 100th:


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