Hackers get inside Large Hadron Collider systems

It’s a pretty scary thought, and with the light being shed on the big bang experiment, this was bound to happen.  Hackers have broken into the system that controls the Large Hadron Collider, showing the vulnerability of the security mainframe.

Just a little bit of background info – The Large Hadron Collider is quite possibly the biggest and most expensive machine every built.  The “Big Bang” machine cost about £4.4 billion and it took thousands of people from eighty-five different countries to make it happen.  With that being said, the machine is suppose to smash atoms in space by hitting them with kinetic energy.  Some have been sh*tting bricks lately, because they are afraid the LHC will create a black hole and suck the Earth in, or create massive weather changes and bring about more tsunamis and earthquakes.

The scientists behind the machine had already received threatening emails and been besieged by telephone calls from worried members of the public, despite endless reassurances to the contrary from the likes of Prof Stephen Hawking.

The chances of such things happening are slim to none, yet the media and the people are speculating heavily and saying the End of the World is near.  Don’t be so.. December 31, 1999 11:59 p.m.

What is scary is that those hackers could’ve done something much more destructible but didn’t.  All they did was mock the IT people. Even though they said “don’t mess with us,” the “Greek Security Team” said they had no intention of disrupting the work of the atom smasher.

“We’re pulling your pants down because we don’t want to see you running around naked looking to hide yourselves when the panic comes,” they wrote in Greek in a rambling note posted on the LHC’s network.

That’s as scary as them actually doing something.

Source:  Telegraph


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