No. 1 reason NOT to elect McCain: Thinks Spain is in Latin America

For a guy that thinks he’s the best candidate when it comes to foreign policy, his geography skills are really horrible. He recently talked to a radio in Miami in English.  He spoke of a few different issues, and here’s what happened:

In the interview, McCain is asked about Hugo Chavez, the situation in Bolivia and then about Raul Castro. He responds to each of these with expected answers about standing up to America’s enemies, etc. Then the interviewer switches gears and asks about Zapatero, the Spanish Prime Minister. And McCain replies — very loose translation — that he’ll establish close relations with our friends and stand up to those who want to do us harm. The interviewer has a double take and seems to think McCain might be confused. So she asks it again. But McCain sticks to the same evasive answer.

You’ve got to be kidding me. When a Presidential candidate is this clueless, how can the voting polls be so close? Conclusion: McCain doesn’t know who the PM of Spain is and the fact that Spain’s in Europe, not Latin America. Check out the full audio HERE.


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