Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account hacked!

We’ve known for a while about the troubles that Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin has been facing lately.  It’s about to get a bit worse.  She’s been using a personal email account (gov.sarah @ to conduct state business, which is a big no-no. It violates public records requests and could stall information gathering in the Troopergate scandal.

Anonymous, members of message board 4Chan, got into Palin’s other email account (gov.palin @ and although a lot of the stuff’s been deleted from the message board, Gawker’s managed to grab a hold the goods.

The sad thing is that some idiot alerted Sarah about what had happened and changed the password.  Then, a whole lot more happened when people tried logging in all at once, freezing the account for 24 hours.  And now?  The account’s deleted.  Yikes, talk about destruction of evidence!

This email account’s got some legitimacy due to the personal photos we’ve never seen before, and a whole lot more.  There’s a contact list as well as some screen shots below.

Palin’s account revealed after the jump


Beth Leschper (Beth Leschper SOA) [Edit]
Blanche Kallstrom (Blanche) [Edit]
Bristol Palin (Bristol) [Edit]
Chuck Heath (Chuck) [Edit] (Todd) [Edit] (Frank) [Edit]
Heather Bruce (Heather) [Edit] (Ivy SOA) [Edit] (Ivy Personal) [Edit]
Judy Patrick (Judy Patrick) [Edit] (Kris Perry SOA) [Edit] (Kris Personal) [Edit] (Molly) [Edit]
Roseanne Hughes (Roseanne Hughes SOA) [Edit]
Sally Heath (Mom) [Edit]
Sean Parnell (Sean Personal) [Edit]
Sharon Leighow (Sharon SOA) [Edit] (Sharon Leighow Personal) [Edit]
Track Palin (Track) [Edit]

Head to Gawker for more shots and even more low down on the situation.


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