Son of Democratic State Representative hacked Palin’s email account

Wow.  what a moron.  So just some back-end info if you didn’t already know.  Sarah Palin’s yahoo email account got “hacked” last week and we told you all about it.  Well, the footsteps of the little crawler who got into her account have been traced to David Kernell.

The FBI raided a party being held in the on-campus residence of the University of Tennessee student.

According to witnesses, Kernell reportedly fled the scene when agents arrived but that of course didn’t stop them from photographing his residence and collecting evidence. Kernell and his three roommates have been subpoenaed to appear in court in Chattanooga later this week, though no formal charges have been filed.

This kid happens to be the son of Mike Kernell, a Democratic State rep for Tennessee.  Way to go, Davy boy.

He’s obviously not that smart.  First and foremost, he didn’t hack into the account.  All he did was use personal information of Palin like date of birth and zipcode to reset the password to “popcorn.”

He posted the password along with screen shots to a public forum where others used the information to access Palin’s account as well. The user name of the person who originally posted this information, “rubico”, also happens to be included in a yahoo email address used by David Kernell. In addition (and as suggested by San Fransisco blogger Dan Goodin), the proxy URL found in screen shots of Palin’s email account was eventually traced to an IP belonging to Pavlov Media, the ISP that provides internet access to the dormitory in which Kernell resides.

So he did alot apparently to get the email information out there, but he didn’t really cover his tracks.  He should know better than to mess with government officials from his own computer.  We’re wondering if daddy will run to bail him out on this one.

Source:  Boy Genius


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