Watch out guys: 9 in 10 women “cheat” to appear slimmer

A recent survey shows women admitting that the majority of women fool us by wearing “magic pants” or other little cheats to look slimmer. The “magic pants” aren’t the most common, because the most popular tactic is the push-up bra.

About 40 percent of the women surveyed used oversized pants to hide unwanted bumps and make us think that they have a flatter stomach or a more pert bottom – tsk tsk, ladies.

1,300 women were surveyed, but for a part of the survey, men were also questioned. They were asked what outfit they believed women look sexiest in. Women themselves thought that a classic black dress or snug fitting jeans were the sexiest, but men, the honest sleazes we are said that short skirts and low-cut tops were their favorite.

Source: telegraph


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