Who is she: Débora Nascimento from The ‘Incredible Hulk’

To us, there was a major question haunting us while we were in theaters watching The Incredible Hulk.  It wasn’t whether Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) would save New York from destruction.  It was “Who is she?”  Who is Martina, that amazingly sexy Brazilian that works with him in the soda bottling factory?  Well, it’s Débora Nascimento, a 21-year old Brazilian actress and model.  She’s currently a star on Tropical Paradise, a Brazilian Television show. She was recently on the cover of UM (Universo Masculino) magazine as well.

We’ve got a few shots of her below so definitely check them out after the jump!

Débora Nascimento from The ‘Incredible Hulk’:

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  • Mike Taylor

    Débora Nascimento is a popular actress and commercial t.v. star in Brazil. She has been acting since early childhood. She has know that she wanted to be an actress all of her life. She feels most appreciated when people are proud of her work and they let her know it. She has not let fame go to her head. She has from very humble beginings in her life..

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