ESPN’s Henry Abbott: Kobe Bryant most likely to be next Michael Jordan

Maxim released an article about which 10 NBA players (past and present) are closest to his Airness.  The list was filled with hall of famers like Grant Hill, McGrady, and Iverson that are past their prime.  Then, it got down to the top two: Lebron and Kobe.

No surprise there considering Lebron’s marketing deals hovered $100 million even before he played his first NBA game.  He lead the league in scoring and has made it to the championship, but there’s still alot missing.  A few rings and some MVP crowns will earn him the throne, but it’s too early to tell.  At 23, Grant Hill looked great, too.

So why Kobe?  Shit, why not?  The man’s lit up a team for 81, something MJ missed by 12.  He’s got his fingers frosted, and he’s at the top of his game.  Henry Abbott said, “If you told him that not sleeping for seven days would win him a championship, he would do it. That´s his Jordan thing. Marketability, clutch, rings, offense, defense—definitely your next Michael Jordan.”

So until Lebron gets a ring, there’s really very little dispute.  Or is there? Hit the comment section.


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