What I could’ve used in the blizzard of ’96: The 50′ Snowball Launcher

Having an older brother, it’s very difficult to survive a snow storm when the parents aren’t home.  It doesn’t matter how many forts you built or how many snowballs you racked up.  Bottom line was that you were completely screwed.

If i had this 50′ Snowball Blaster, then things might’ve been different.  Read the description over at Hammacher Schlemmer:

This toy blaster makes and launches softball-sized snowballs up to 50′, allowing rapid, long-range assaults during neighborhood snowball confrontations. Simply place snow in the forming chamber and close the lid, and it packs three perfectly spherical snowballs. To blast your mark, place one snowball in the muzzle, aim the launcher, and pull back the slingshot mechanism. Because the blaster is powered by elastomers instead of batteries, it provides uninterrupted, fast-action play. Made of durable, cold-resistant plastic. Includes targets for shooting practice

Payback’s a bitch.

Buy It: $29.95



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