High-glossed Colorware treatment to the G1 and BlackBerry Bold

Never heard of Colorware? They’re the guys who put customized gadgets at your doorstep. Previously, they’ve glossed up Guitar Hero guitars, DSs, PS3s, and a host of other beauties. They give you an array of metallic or solid color options, all finished in scratch-resistant gloss.

Next up, the G1 and the BlackBerry Bold just in time for the holidays. You don’t have to get the entire phone one color, my friends so there are infinite possibilities.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come cheap. enough. For an entire makeover, it’ll run you $175 for the G1. Don’t have a G1 yet? They can provide an unlocked version fully customized for a total of $770.

The Bold’s $139 for the makeover and $674 for the full phone.



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