BMW car keys to be used for more than just starting your 7-series

The consolidation of payment methods start the second we were able to use a debit card in place of a check or cash. Now, BMW’s taking steps to increase the usefulness and versatility of future key fobs. The BMW research and technology group have developed a prototype which uses a security chip (which communicates with a card reader via radio) that is inserted into an electronic key device, thus granting you access not only to your vehicle, but also to make cashless payments, functioning as a personalized credit card.

Future BMW keys will also work as mobility devices giving access to personal data such as subscriptions to services, address books or favorite radio stations from inside any BMW car. All data including purchases can be tracked via an online account.

If you lose your keys often, you may want to think about disabling these features in the future.

Thanks to designboom


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