Axe to men: Our sprays really do attract women!


Although it’s not the way their ads depict it, it’s still good enough reason to go out and grab a can. British researchers gave heterosexual males in their 20s either an unmarked spray can containing Axe, or an odorless placebo. Afterward, they were asked to record a short video describing themselves.

Women who viewed the 15-second videos on mute rated the men who got the real stuff about 10 percent more appealing. Since they obviously couldn’t smell the subjects, the experiment doesn’t address the assertion that gals are powerless in the face of Axe’s mesmerizing odor, but rather suggests guys with a pleasant scent display more confident body language.

Our new Axe labels: Spray Axe body spray, feel confident, wait a few minutes, allow women to notice that confidence. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.



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