Barack Obama’s Pre-Inauguration checklist


We’re roughly a day away from President-elect Barack Obama’s historic inauguration. Before we get to Tuesday, we thought we’d share with you his pre-inauguration checklist. We know he’s a busy guy, but what’s been on the man’s agenda as he gets ready to make history?

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Take Michelle and the kids to see the Lincoln Memorial.


Make sure I have enough volunteers for the inauguration.


Drop my BlackBerry.

Obama's keeping his BlackBerry

Ignore my security and personal staff: I’m keeping my BlackBerry.

Official Portrait of President Obama

Take my official portrait (note to self: make sure they use a DSLR).


Grab a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man: Special Inauguration Day Edition comic book.


Get my Obamamobile.

Give my final Weekly YouTube Address (Stay quiet on the Gaza issue).

Obama follows Lincoln's path to DC via train

Follow Lincoln’s path to Washington D.C. via train.


Head to the Lincoln Memorial for the best concert ever.

Obama Inauguration

During speech at concert, try to lower those sky-high expectations that the American people have because progress won’t come easy.


Rehearse and tweak my inauguration speech (Malia says it better be good).

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