If looks could kill the iPod: Soma Music Player


17 year-old designer Andrew Seunghyun Kim has blessed us with his latest masterpiece: the Soma music player. The UI is amazing as you can see in the shots that you can flip through albums and click on one to slide it out of its sleeve and let it start spinning. The design’s not too shabby either. It comes in plastic, steel, wood, leather and bamboo.

There are three big panels (all for show) on the back and two touchscreens on the front. The name’s not so marketable though as Soma is also the name of a happy drug and a nickname for ecstacy.

We can definitely see this player beating the iPod to a pulp. Agreed?

See more images after the jump.

soma-mp3-player-beats-ipod-2 soma-mp3-player-beats-ipod-3




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