Lebron James heading to the NFL? ‘Brace Yourself’ on January 18th 2009

Brace Yourself

The video below released today is telling the world to simply “Brace Yourself” as a new Lebron-backed campaign will be starting on January 18th. The speculations are running high and it could be a host of things including The King rapping with Lil’ Wayne (who’ll be performing on the 18th at Cavs game) or him following his first love: football.

A reader over at Kenlu.net (where we first saw this video) posted images of a commercial being shot at Akron field house. So what could be happening on January 18th? Check out the images below and tell us what you think!

lebron-james-football-commercial-1 lebron-james-football-commercial-2

lebron-james-football-commercial-3 lebron-james-football-commercial-4

lebron-james-football-commercial-5 lebron-james-football-commercial-6


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