Photos: Official Supercars of the Chechen Republic


The Chechen Republic has gone through two wars in order to gain independence from Russia. The second one didn’t go their way so they are still an entity of Russia and have been going through a rebuilding process for quite sometime.

Times don’t seem tough for these guys though. DesignYouTrust posted these photos under the heading: “Official Supercars of Chechen Republic”. Say no more, Dmitry.

More shots after the jump

official-supercars-chechen-republic-10 official-supercars-chechen-republic-9

official-supercars-chechen-republic official-supercars-chechen-republic-2

official-supercars-chechen-republic-3 official-supercars-chechen-republic-4

official-supercars-chechen-republic-5 official-supercars-chechen-republic-6

official-supercars-chechen-republic-7 official-supercars-chechen-republic-08



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