Tortured Manhood by Thom Browne


Thom Browne, for anyone who doesn’t already know, is an American fashion designer whose flagship store in TriBeCa is home to some of the best-fitting and sleek suits known to man. GQ named him Designer of the Year for 2008 and with good reason. Simply put, the man’s a genius and it shows with his first European show that took place in Florence.


It consisted of 40 models acting out, in unison, the day of an office drone from the 1950s. The models all wore the same outfit: a shrunken gray suit, cardigan, wing tips, and camel overcoat. After they walked into the room, a “boss” rang a bell at which point they took off their short coats and slim-fitting suit jackets, sat down, and started typing. They sat at identical desks and even ate identical lunches. “In the beginning it was the gray suit, and that’s how every collection starts. So I wanted people to see an army of that. This is what my guy does. He gets dressed and looks good, and he’s serious about work,” Thom tells WWD.



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