Creative Recreation’s Made in Italy Collection at Las Vegas Tradeshows


Selectism is continuing their coverage of the (capsule) show in Las Vegas with Creative Recreation’s Made in Italy Collection for Autumn 2009. The collection includes a variety of new looks including the Corrozzo (above) in wrinkled midnight leather as well as the Capri in low and hi. These aren’t your ordinary CRs so expect the prices to be above what you normally expect. 

More images after the jump.  

creative-recreation-lv-tradeshows-made-in-italy-2009-2 creative-recreation-lv-tradeshows-made-in-italy-2009-3

creative-recreation-lv-tradeshows-made-in-italy-2009-4 creative-recreation-lv-tradeshows-made-in-italy-2009-5

creative-recreation-lv-tradeshows-made-in-italy-2009-6 creative-recreation-lv-tradeshows-made-in-italy-2009-7

creative-recreation-lv-tradeshows-made-in-italy-2009-8 creative-recreation-lv-tradeshows-made-in-italy-2009-9

creative-recreation-lv-tradeshows-made-in-italy-2009-10 creative-recreation-lv-tradeshows-made-in-italy-2009-11 

Photography by Michael Savant


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