Fall 2009: Band of Outsiders


This fall, Scott Sternberg’s Band of Outsiders keeps the smart prep-style going as he focuses on narrow structured suiting. The collection has its fair share of grays and neutrals but Scott manages to break the mood with a few noticeable outlets of expression.

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fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-2 fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-3

fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-4 fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-5

fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-6 fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-7

fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-8 fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-9

fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-10 fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-11

fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-12 fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-13

fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-14 fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-15

fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-16 fall-2009-band-of-outsiders-17




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