NBS Audio Cables’ $200K speaker system


The E.V.A. and Butter/fly speaker systems by NBS Audio Cables has an exotic design that hardly resembles anything remotely similar to a conventional loudspeaker. The kit’s pair of 48-inch-tall pyramids intrigue us the most with a unique smooth, grille-free finish. They’re designed to reproduce music in a room via indirect sound radiation.

E. V. A. & Butterfly speaker systems are the priciest piece of audio from the company’s range and they feature two Pyramid speakers which houses 18” woofer per unit, the bass unit follows the couture of a butterfly and houses one 18” woofer per unit, besides two mid-range compression drivers, and two tweeters. The kit is priced at $200,000 so anyone still shielded from this economic downturn should click here for local distributionship availability.


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  • I have actually made the trip to NSB factory to hear the E.V.A. and Butterfly speakers there sound was breath taking. I have lived with the Monitor 3's and plan to upgrade to the NBS Pyramids. All cables and power cords are NBS statement extremes a must have.

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