Spring 2009: Blue Blood


Blue Blood is a ‘new luxury’ denim and fashion house and their Spring ’09 line is out in full force. Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

Our name is Blue Blood because
We have indigo coursing through our veins
This symbolises our love of denim and its history

Our name also refers to heritage and Aristocracy
We boldly claim lineage to great names in fashion and denim
A tribute to those who came before and inspire us

The lobster is our mascot
Because lobsters have blue blood
Just like us

More images of their Spring 2009 collection after the jump

blue-blood-spring-2009-3 blue-blood-spring-2009-4

blue-blood-spring-2009-5 blue-blood-spring-2009-6

blue-blood-spring-2009-7 blue-blood-spring-2009-8




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