Todd Saunders’ Villa Storingavika in Norway


Architect Todd Saunders is a Canadian resident who’s been creating magnificent properties in Norway since 1997. His latest project, the Villa Storingavika in Bergen, Norway, a twofold home with an upstairs for the parents and a downstairs that their two children share. 

Here’s what Todd had to say about the home: 

The house looks out over the southern fjords and the West coast archipelago. There is a small 35m2 guest studio on the bottom floor. The house is a long thin structure with a balcony extruding 6m out of the house that rests on 3 steel poles. The house is clad in black stained wood with natural wood between the window partitions.

More images after the jump.

todd-saunders-villa-storingavika-norway-1 todd-saunders-villa-storingavika-norway-2

todd-saunders-villa-storingavika-norway-3 todd-saunders-villa-storingavika-norway-4

todd-saunders-villa-storingavika-norway-5 todd-saunders-villa-storingavika-norway-6

todd-saunders-villa-storingavika-norway-7 todd-saunders-villa-storingavika-norway-8



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