Burak Kaynak x Cem Has: The Status Calendar


Over at Design You Trust, we came across the Status Calendar by Burak Kaynak and Cem Has. The designer writes: 

The web’s big question “What are you doing right now?” is incredibly useful for tracking your daily activity. This is a calendar where you can write your daily “status”. It simply asks the question, “What are you doing Today?”

More images of the Status Calendar after the jump.  

status-calendar-burak-kaynak-cem-has-2009-1 status-calendar-burak-kaynak-cem-has-2009-2

status-calendar-burak-kaynak-cem-has-2009-3 status-calendar-burak-kaynak-cem-has-2009-4

status-calendar-burak-kaynak-cem-has-2009-5 status-calendar-burak-kaynak-cem-has-2009-6


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